Switch Agreement

I used the account window and found it stress-free, my payments and debits were changed and no errors were detected. I highly recommend this service. I was really happy with my change, the whole process was very simple, and on the day of the switch, everything was set up on my new account, including all my online banking arrangements, which allowed me to walk on the ground. I changed my main performance account, which I had used for many years and which had created all my permanent debits and orders. The use of the current account switch service was simple, was easy and my new account resumed smoothly where the old one had stopped, which allowed me to enjoy without problem the benefits of a higher interest account. I joined my current account provider because of the switching agreement they offered. I was nervous at first about the trial in case the bills and my salary had not been reviewed in time. However, the process went smoothly and lasted only 7 days. All invoice payments have been changed and my salary has passed smoothly on my new account. This is an agreement (the “agreement”) between you and Nintendo of America Inc. (with their affiliates, “Nintendo” or “us” or “our”) and provides important information about the access and use of this Nintendo video game console, its accessories, software (defined below) and all services available via this Nintendo video game console (the “console”).

I was able to fill out the simple forms online from the comfort of my own home. Nothing could be easier! I was kept informed of every aspect of the switch and was able to choose my own switching date. All my payments in and out were exchanged correctly. All in all, a fantastic service that allows you to move with confidence to a bank with which you are happier. THE AGREEMENT CONTAINS AN ARBITRATION AND CLASS ACTION COMMISSION IN SECTION 7, WHICH CONTAINS YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THIS AGREEMENT AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH ANY “CLAIM” (AS DEFINED IN SECTION 7) BETWEEN YOU AND NINTENDO AFFECTS. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO OPT OUT OF THE SECTION 7 PROVISION. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you may use the software, content and data contained with the console, compatible or authorized for use in relation to the console, including updates or replacement of this software, content or data that we or our authorized suppliers make available to you (together the “software”). The software will only be allowed for your personal and non-commercial use on the console and will not be sold.