Revised Supplementary Agreement Iaea

The strategic direction of the multi-year TC programme is provided by IAEA member states and, in particular, by political decision-making bodies that include the General Conference of all Member States and the 35-member Governing Council. TC`s activities are based on national programme framework plans and regional/cooperation agreements and also take into account national development plans, UN development assistance frameworks (ASDs), regional priorities and, where appropriate, relevant sustainable development goals. I am therefore pleased that we can conclude this agreement, which paves the way for additional assistance and reconciles our policies and practices with those of the International Health Regulation and the IAEA, as we strive to accelerate and expand the contribution of nuclear energy to peace, health and prosperity. The revised Guiding Principles and General Operating Rules to Govern the Provision of Technical Assistance by the Agency, in 1979, provides for the provision of technical assistance by the Agency. It contains guiding principles on participation in the programme, sources of technical assistance, agreements with Member States and human resources and equipment issues. The INFCIRC also contains general operating rules. Hi all. I join you in welcoming you to this simple but significant ceremony that will see the signing of the revised international atomic energy agency (IAEA) additional agreement. As you have heard, and I am sure you know that the Ministry of Health is the IAEA`s point of contact in Guyana. What I certainly do not know is that the peaceful use of radioactive sources goes far beyond the health sector.

Thus, the signing of this agreement at the same time consolidates our use of such sources in the health sector, while setting up the platform for the many other applications that are important for Guyana, especially at this time of our development. To name a few of the areas and uses, I can mention agriculture, climate change, food security, water management, radiation health and safety, and emergency management. Article II of the IAEA Statute provides for the IAEA`s mandate for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. It says: MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AT THE SIGNING OF THE AIEA REVISED SUPPLEMENTARY AGREEMENT Today, the IAEA TC programme provides assistance in 33 areas of activity in seven areas: health and nutrition, food and agriculture, water and environment, industrial applications, energy planning and nuclear energy, radioprotection and nuclear safety, nuclear knowledge development and management.