Bc Hydro Ibew 258 Collective Agreement

The union representing BC Hydro`s electricity workers refused a preliminary agreement with municipal services, opening the door to possible work steps. The union did not disclose the exact details of the interim agreement or the reasons why it was rejected. McKay, however, said in an earlier statement that the union had achieved “significant improvements in the language of the contract as well as performance gains in a three-year contract.” “We are committed to continuing to work with IBEW management on an agreement,” said BC Hydro. A BC Hydro spokesperson stated that the distribution company did not expect the refusal to have an impact on Hydro`s operations or bc customers, who represent a large majority of B.C. READ MORE: B.C. Hydro rates will rise by 8.1 per cent over the next five years READ MORE: B.C. Teachers reject the Ombudsman`s recommendations for executing the contract with employer McKay, have not said what these next steps might be, but a union member who spoke to Global News on the condition of anonymity said a strike was possible. After months of negotiations, an interim agreement was reached in December, but McKay warned at the time that the province`s bargaining mandate for public service employees prevented the union from negotiating beyond a 2% annual increase. Global News sought the advice of McKay and the union. The province`s negotiating mandate has been a sensitive issue for the teachers of the . They .B, who say they are obstructing wage increases at a level that can attract extra-presidential attitudes and address a critical shortage of teachers. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 258 said they had counted the postal vote of members wednesday, and 63 percent of voters rejected the deal.

“Our members have sent a clear message and we will be speaking to our members in the coming days to discuss next steps,” Doug McKay, the union`s director of business, said in a statement. The union represents more than 2,000 BC Hydro artisans who have been out of contract since the beginning of April 2019.