Agreement On International Railroad Through Transport Of Goods

CotIF expands legal interoperability and improves technical interoperability and contributes to the development of multimodal transport. It contains seven annexes which state that Member States agree to take all appropriate measures to facilitate and speed up international rail transport. To this end, each Member State undertakes, as far as possible, to notify the Secretary General, who is Clerk, of the agreement on the registration of arbitration. The contract for the use of cars as an international means of transport; To take a position on any issue aimed at facilitating the crossing of the international rail border, at the invitation of the Secretary-General, which was taken with the agreement of the majority of Member States; The Organization may, by decision of the General Assembly, transfer resources and commitments to other intergovernmental organizations under agreements with these organizations. Establishing a uniform procedure for the technical approval of rail equipment for international traffic; conditions under which Member States can develop other international conventions to promote, improve and facilitate international rail transport. Member States agree to facilitate agreements between infrastructure managers to optimise international rail transport. To the extent that statements are not made in accordance with Article 42, paragraph 1, first sentence, international rail transport and the authorisation of railway equipment for use in international traffic are submitted: by decision of the General Assembly, the Organization is entitled to assume, as part of its Article 2 objective, the allocations, resources and obligations assigned to it by other intergovernmental organisations under agreements with these agreements , can be transferred. Organizations. The suspension of membership comes into effect on the first day of the month following the Secretary General`s notification of the management committee`s decision.